Assets & Giving

Expanding Endowments

A portion of EBCF’s $400 million in assets exists as endowed funds that serve the needs of East Bay communities for the long term. These funds have grown to more than $50 million as of June 30, 2014.

Smart Asset Mix

Most of EBCF’s assets are invested in five pools created in accordance with the Investment Policy established by the EBCF Board. These pools balance risk and the desire to preserve and grow capital, with an eye to the differing time horizons over which these assets are used to make grants. Working with leading financial consultants, the EBCF Board has fiduciary responsibility for these investment pools and publishes quarterly performance data for them on our website. The Environmental, Social, Governance Pool was created in July 2014 to provide donors with a strategy that emphasizes investments in corporations with sustainable business practices that are more consistent with the core values of EBCF than traditional investment funds.

Donor-Advised Funds By the Numbers

EBCF partners with individuals, businesses, and families who are advisors for funds of varying sizes, currently numbering 279. A fund may be opened with a contribution of $10,000 or more. Each advisor may recommend investment in EBCF’s five investment pools. The time horizons of the advisor’s grantmaking primarily guide the choice of investment options

279 Donor-Advised Funds

Diverse Grantmaking

EBCF awarded grants totaling $171 million during the three years ending June 2014. These grants were made from hundreds of different funds, including the 279 donor-advised funds, supporting organizations, and funds established by nonprofits and agencies. EBCF also makes discretionary grants from endowed and non-endowed funds. More than half of these grants support programs for health, education, and youth, but our philanthropy extends through a very wide array of community programs.

Sources of EBCF’S Grants

The Work of EBCF Grantees

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