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Giving is a natural impulse in us all. EBCF provides highly personalized service to take your giving to the next level: clarifying areas of focus, recommending exceptional organizations, coordinating site visits, and sharing our deep understanding of regional needs. Our donor-advised funds offer a convenient alternative to creating a private foundation, with less overhead and greater tax advantages. When the time comes to consider your charitable legacy, we work hand-in-hand with you to design a plan to continue your tradition of generosity for years to come.

Personalized Service

Donors come with individual needs. When Patti Heimburger wanted to make a difference in the lives of children through her donor-advised fund, we connected her with results-driven education and youth development nonprofits. When a group of community-minded African-American men wanted to solve problems facing men and boys of color, we created a framework for their powerful giving circle: The Brotherhood of Elders Fund. When Barbara Louie wanted her generosity to live on, we introduced her to trusted advisors and developed a plan to turn real estate and other assets into a fund with lasting impact. How can EBCF experts meet your needs?

Photo: EBCF donor Patti Heimburger (R) and EBCF Director of Philanthropic Services Carolyn Doelling (L).

Expand Your Impact

Every donor journey starts with the flicker of an idea: the desire to give back. Some also start with complex financial situations and the good counsel of a professional advisor or attorney who connects donors with EBCF because they know our work and strong reputation. Every journey results in tailor-made partnerships with EBCF and the benefit of nearly a century of understanding the East Bay’s most pressing charitable needs and its most results-driven organizations.


Robert (Bob) Beswick settled in Antioch after working there in a paper mill while a student at UC Berkeley. His wife Sharon was raised there from the age of two. Strengthening this community on the Sacramento River became a passion for each of them.


Bob had a successful insurance practice and had long supported charities in Contra Costa County. Knowing this, his estate-planning attorney suggested creating a charitable legacy fund and introduced Bob to EBCF.


Bob gave to organizations that helped single mothers working to improve life for their families. As a nurse at John Muir Hospital, Sharon (left) had a keen interest in elders through her volunteer work with nursing homes. Both were devoted to Antioch’s success.


After discussions with EBCF, Bob chose to create three different legacy funds, each targeted at a specific need and including one called the Antioch Community Fund. These funds became vested upon Bob’s passing in 2001.


Sharon’s total grant recommendations have reached $1.7 million since 2002. The most recent annual grants from the Beswick funds again supported health- and senior-focused nonprofits, EBCF job-training partner Opportunity Junction, and a number of Antioch civic groups.


Sharon’s priority remains to honor the charitable wishes of her late husband. She relies on EBCF’s advice about high-quality community groups within those areas of focus. “It’s a wonderful partnership with EBCF,” she confirms.

Choose the Right Strategy

EBCF currently houses and manages 281 donor-advised funds, created by individuals and families and similar to the funds that Sharon Beswick supports, 76 legacy funds for living donors who have made their charitable plans for the future, and over 25 field-of-interest and scholarship funds for donors with very specific granting interests.

Inspiration + Intelligence

Many donors who partner with EBCF define a local community or a specific issue that they care about deeply, though all rely on EBCF’s expertise in assessing the finances and success of charitable programs. Over the three years ending June 2014, $118 million in grants were made to charitable organizations from the 316 active granting funds mentioned here.

Activating Donor Ideas

Funding Local Arts

Anne Macpherson cared about local East Bay artists, and supported them with a permanent fund that now provides $100,000 per year for innovation by small arts organizations.

Environmental Legacy

EBCF created an environmental grants program from a bequest by the Meyers family. Over $4.5 million has gone to programs for environmental education, justice, and sustainable land use.

Donors Invest In Youth

Seven EBCF donors have strengthened the capacity of select East Bay organizations through their Youth Development Donor Circle—investing $820,000 over the last 10 years.

Investment / Giving Options

Create a donor-advised fund
Learn about pressing needs and giving opportunities
Co-invest with us in community change
Chart your own course: support what matters to you
Invest charitable dollars for growth
Enjoy immediate tax advantages
Involve family: share your values and your granting choices
Plan your legacy


  • EBCF consults with companies of all sizes to develop corporate giving programs that reflect business objectives and ensure charitable impact.
  • Clorox, Kaiser Permanente, and Lam Research all place their trust in EBCF grantmaking experts to elevate corporate visibility locally, regionally, and internationally through grants to organizations that make a difference and scholarships to aspiring students.
  • Outsourcing a corporate philanthropy program to EBCF lets companies stay focused on business without managing a separate foundation. No tax returns, no excise taxes, no grant tracking, no upfront legal fees, no liability issues.
  • Employee engagement is critical. EBCF advises on a range of ways for employees to engage with your company’s corporate citizenship efforts.
  • Corporate-advised funds accept a wide range of business assets: cash, publicly traded securities, closely held stock, real estate, and more. Your philanthropy grows as your business does.


  • Over 60 nonprofits trust EBCF to manage endowments or reserves with an agency fund—like Escuela Bilingüe Internacional, which placed its first school endowment with us in 2013 to ensure wise growth for years to come.
  • Donors’ gifts are professionally managed, and our size gives access to investment expertise and choices often available only to larger organizations. Trainings and workshops keep agency fund partners strong and growing.
  • EBCF facilitates complex gifts for nonprofits—from real estate to business interests to fine art—as well as legacy gifts and bequests.
  • Agency funds create unique partnerships: EBCF handles administrative responsibilities to keep nonprofit staff and volunteers mission-focused.

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